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Michigan Libertarian Online

Advertising Policies & Requirements

Editorial Mission

The Michigan Libertarian is the official bi-monthly newsletter of the Libertarian Party of Michigan. Its primary function is to promote the political success of the party - by providing an informative and entertaining blend of political news, analysis, features, and advertising for our members. We accept advertisements for the Michigan Libertarian that promote a positive editorial environment; enhance the image of the newsletter; and increase its value for LPM members. These guidelines guarantee a high-quality publication - which benefits not only our readers, but also our advertisers.

All advertisements are accepted at the discretion of the publisher, and can be rejected for any reason, including content, appropriateness, or appearance. (Funds received for advertising not published shall be promptly refunded.)

Ads Must Meet the Following Criteria:

  • Advertisements must not be in conflict with - or raise questions about - the goals and purposes of the LPM, politically or philosophically.
  • Advertisements must not be fraudulent, or make exaggerated or unrealistic claims about tax reduction, investment services, financial services, legal services, or any other product or service. Also: Michigan Libertarian does not accept any kind of "personal" advertisement.
  • In response to complaints from readers about deceptive offers or fraud, Michigan Libertarian reserves the right to terminate advertising contracts. (All funds received for advertising not published shall be promptly refunded.)
  • Advertisements must be submitted in electronic format. Advertising submitted in PageMaker 6.5 format will be included exactly. All other formats are subject to re-design before publication. Other acceptable formats are: Word97, Publisher97, RTF, WordPerfect 6.x/5.x, HTML, or a single JPG or GIF (not to exceed 100K). Email advertising to newsletter@lpmich.org. Mail payment to:
    Libertarian Party of Michigan
    ATTN: Newsletter Advertising
    P.O. Box 27065
    Lansing, MI 48924-7065

  • All advertising shall be clearly distinguishable from editorial matter.
  • Advertisements must not contain photographs, visual images, or text that may be offensive to LPM members, or that detract from the primary message and function of Michigan Libertarian.


    All advertising accepted on a run-of-press basis.

    Michigan Libertarian is not liable for any failure to print, publish, or circulate any or all portions of any issue if such failure is due to natural disaster, strikes, accident, or any other circumstance. In all such events, Michigan Libertarian shall reprint any advertisement in a subsequent issue, or refund the cost of the advertisement.
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