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If you would like to volunteer to help the Libertarian Party please fill out and submit the following online form. Most of the day to day work and campaigns are done by hundreds of volunteers. We appreciate your help and all fields on this form are optional. The more info we have though the better. We would like to thank you in advanced for volunteering to support liberty!

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How did you first hear about the Libertarian Party?

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Organizational support:
  I'll register and vote Libertarian
  I'll circulate petitions
  I'll run for office
  I'll help a local campaign
  I'll help organize local events
  I'll attend local events
  I'll work at my local headquarters
  I'll help with major mailings
  I'll make phone calls
  I'll work at the polls on election day

  I'll put a bumper sticker on my car
  I'll write letters to the editor
  I'll call talk radio programs
  I'll put a banner on my website
  I'll run an ad in my local newspaper

  I'll host a houseparty/event
  I'll help at someone else's houseparty
  I'll help organize outreach tables
  I'll help staff outreach tables
  I'll distribute literature in my neighborhood
  I'll discuss the Libertarian Party with ten of my friends
  I'll e-mail ten of my friends and invite them to visit the LP website


Have you ever worked on a political campaign before?
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If YES, please describe:

Do you belong to any other organizations that promote liberty?
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If YES, which ones?

Do you belong to any community organizations?
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If YES, which ones?

Do you have any special skills that might be useful in a political party or campaign?
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If YES, please describe:

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Please note: It is most unlikely that you will experience any problems responding to this form. If you experience any difficulties you may email your response to this form to: webmaster@lpmich.org.

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