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Elections on November 6th

ELECTED!. David Eisenbacher was elected to the Troy City Council (with the highest vote total for that position). Eisenbacher returns to the Troy City Council after a brief hiatus.

ELECTED!. Hazel Park Councilman Andy Lecureaux is seeking re-election. He has served as Mayor Pro-Tem, and has been on a number of committees.

He could use some poll workers the day of the election and is doing a lit drop on Saturday, Nov. 3rd starting at 10 am.
He can always be reached by cell phone at: 248-225-7372
or by email: alecureaux@yahoo.com

ELECTED!. Mark Byrne is a candidate for the Port Huron City Council; there are 7 seats, 6 incumbents and 6 challengers. Mark has not sought any help from the Libertarian Party of Michigan, but welcomes any help that is available. Mark is open about his Libertarian affiliation.

More info is available on the race at



email: Iwantska@hotmail.com

ELECTED!. Owasso Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Owen has been in office for 6 years, and believes he is in a good position for reelection. There are 7 candidates vying for 4 positions on the Owasso City Council.

He may be contacted at: mark_owen@charter.net

Garden City Council Candidate, David Nagy would appreciate any help at the Garden City Polls on Voting Day. Even an hour or two would help. David will have some info sheet to hand-out like he did 2-Years ago. In that election he lost by only 13 votes. With a little more help, he hopes to win this year.

Contact him at:
Cell #734-718-1664

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