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The LPM has 93 candidates in 1998, 20% more than in 1996 (76)! For the second consecutive election, the LPM is contesting all 16 US Congressional seats. In 1998, the LPM is contesting 51 Michigan Legislative seats. The nominated candidates for the November 3, 1998 general election are:
Representative in Congress:
  John Loosemore      District 1
  Bruce Smith         District 2
  Erwin Haas          District 3
  Dan Marsh           District 4
  Clint Foster        District 5
  Glenn Whitt         District 6
  Ken Proctor         District 7
  Ben Steele III      District 8
  Malcolm Johnson     District 9
  R. Friend           District 10
  Richard Gach        District 11
  Al Titran           District 12
  Dean Hutyra         District 13
  Mike Freyman        District 14
  Linda Willey        District 15
  Edward Hlavac       District 16

Member State Board of Education:
  Diane Barnes
  Jon Coon

Regent University of Michigan:
  James Montgomery
  Bill Hall

Trustee Michigan State University:
  Barbara Goushaw
  Mark Heil

Governor Wayne State University:
  Scotty Boman
  Tom Jones

Justice of the Supreme Court:
  Jerry Kaufman
  David Raaflaub

State Senator:
  Connie Catalfio     District 1
  Michael Donahue     District 5
  Erich Trager        District 6
  Kristin Stoner      District 7
  David Nagy          District 9
  Don McCluskey       District 10
  Scott Allen         District 11
  Paul Soyk           District 12
  Gary Atkinson       District 13
  Tom Baker           District 20
  Richard Whitelock   District 23
  Mark Owen           District 25
  Richard Samul       District 26
  Dave Jackson        District 28
  Charles Gershfield  District 38

State Representative:
  Joann Karpinski     District 3
  Greg Stempfle       District 15
  Kerry Smith         District 16
  Robert Irwin        District 17
  Michael Corliss     District 18
  John Tatar          District 19
  Doug MacDonald      District 20
  Jim Sager           District 22
  Gary Lloyd          District 23
  Kathie Orvis        District 24
  Nick Stoner         District 25
  Keith Edwards       District 26
  Tom Sydlow          District 27
  Ron Burcham         District 28
  James Pietrangelo   District 29
  Gerald McKeon       District 30
  John Fagan          District 31
  Robert VanOast      District 32
  Joe Zemens          District 33
  Terrence Ray, Adams District 34
  Pam Collins         District 35
  Lorna Tate          District 41
  Mark Carney         District 46
  Dan Lafavers        District 54
  Teresa A. Pollok    District 66
  George Sise         District 67
  Mike Brinkman       District 70
  Glenn Barr          District 77
  Jay Sauve           District 78
  Scott Beavers       District 79
  William H. Bradley  District 80
  Peter Porcaro       District 81
  Max Dollarhite      District 85
  William White       District 86
  Allen Bauer         District 97
  Robert Black        District 110

The Slate for '98, Part 5: County Candidates by Doug MacDonald 

Houghton County:
  Doug Hull           County Clerk

Iron County:
  Christine James     County Commissioner, District 4

Macomb County:
  Laurel Pietrangelo  County Commissioner, District 6
  James Runestad      County Commissioner, District 23

Oakland County:
  Tonya Storey        County Commissioner, District 15
  Jeff Hampton        County Commissioner, District 22

Washtenaw County:
  Kim Cashman         County Treasurer
  James Hudler        County Commissioner, District 5

Wayne County:
  Paul Woolum         County Executive
  Thomas Casey        County Commissioner, District 1
  Karin Corliss       County Commissioner, District 12
  Loel Gnadt          County Commissioner, District 13
  Mike Drummond       County Commissioner, District 14
  Mike Johnson Jr     County Commissioner, District 15

Wexford County:
  Floyd Willis        County Commissioner, District 4
  Greg Willis         County Commissioner, District 5
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