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Local Affiliate Web Sites

Affiliate Web Sites

This page is here to give our affiliates information on how to have their web site linked to the LPM home page, how to have a web page for their party set up and/or how to add information to their current web page(s).

First, you must be either be an elected officer of a recognized affiliate of the LPM or a representative authorized by a recognized affiliate of the LPM in order to add a linked web site or make changes in a current web site on this system.

For security reasons and to prevent confusion, you will not be able to access the LPM server account directly. Exceptions may be made, but I prefer that you submit information through me first.

Information to be placed on the web sites can be sent in three forms. First (and strongly preferred), you can send the information in the form of HTML files with instructions on how you want them to be linked and which of the current files, if any, you would like them to replace. Second, you can send regular text and graphic files with instructions on how you would like the information set up on the web. Last, you may send information on paper via snail mail although I prefer that you do not since this would take an extraordinary amount of time on my part to set it up on the web.

Officer and Staff Directories

Most sites, including the LPM Home Page will offer a directory of officer's and appointed staff for its respective organization. It is important that this information be kept up to date, please inform me when officeholders are changed, elections are held and positions appointed (ie. newsletter editor). Each entry will contain the name of the officer or staff member, that person's e-mail address (when available), their home phone number and their fax number (if available). Please let me know when these items change or if you do not wish to have the information posted. If your e-mail address is not listed please send it to me to be listed. This is the fastest and most convenient way for someone to contact you. All e-mail addresses are linked, allowing the user to send you a message with their web browser just by clicking on your name!

Submitting Your Information

Your information/files can be sent via e-mail to the LPM WebMaster, webmaster@lpmich.org or send written information to the LPM HQ.

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