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Building a Strong State (or local) Party

by Bill Winter, NLP

The following material was presented by LPM Chair, stacy Van Oast at the 2001 LPM Winter Leadership Conference, February 4, 2001 in Plainwell.

A Libertarian state or local party that does not do the following things will fail. It might stay alive -- in a state of pleasant stagnation -- but it will not thrive and grow. Coded: I for infrastructure, P for projects. All items require"Professionalism" - especially the 10th
  1. maintain an accurate, up-to-date database of members & prospects; utilize web-based list(I)
  2. send out a prompt, professional information package to interested prospects, and send out timely membership renewal notices to current members (I)
  3. Engage in ongoing, constant prospecting to increase the size of the organization (P)
  4. Publish a regular, decent-quality newsletter to keep members and prospects informed. Use newsletter to publicize activities and success. (I)
  5. Have a bank account, and ongoing, implemented plan to raise money (I/P)
  6. Run candidates for political office. Monitor elections (or registration numbers) which effect ballot status. (P)
  7. Be active in the political system - whether through elections, referendums, lobbying or whatever. (P)
  8. . Have regular, publicized, productive, and interesting public meetings. Have regular meetings of party leadership to plan strategy and projects (I/P)
  9. Have an organized media outreach plan - which can include press releases, press conferences, and personal contacts- to promote the party and earn publicity. (I/P)
  10. Have leadership dedicated to growth, success, & professionalism- and determined to avoid factionalism, arguments, and obstructionism. Party leadership has a solid, realistic vision for success. (Professionalism)
Bill Winter's Six Rules for Party Chairs
  1. Get an answering machine, be on-line people need to be able to contact you
  2. Be nice
  3. Don't be a star, delegate and let others shine
  4. Shut up Rule, resolve not to talk about YOUR favorite issue
  5. Learn
  6. Be ruthless only once every 5 years

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