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Affiliate Membership Guidelines

  1. Delegate. Appoint one person in your group, preferably someone with computer and e-mail access, to be in charge of your group's membership lists and database. Notify the LPM Membership Chair that this is the person who is to receive membership correspondence from the state party.
  2. Membership Applications:
    • Use a standard LP membership application available from the LPM Membership Chair.
    • Have applications available at all meetings and events where your group is present.
    • Print a membership application in your local newsletter.
  3. Database.
    • Start by requesting a database file for all of the names in your county(ies) from the LPM Membership. Determine which database program you will be using and get this file in that format.
    • Using this file as a starting point, you can then add fields to keep track of local membership information for each entry.
    • Get regular updates from the LPM's database when needed
  4. Accepting Dues Payments. You will probably receive dues payments in various forms and for different categories (ie. Local only, tri-level membership, etc.
    • Visa/Master Card Payments. The LPM can handle Visa/Master Card payments for dues and donations. The applications that you use should have a space for credit card numbers, expiration dates and signature. When you accept an application with a credit card payment you should first make a photocopy for your records and then forward the original to the LPM. The LPM will collect the dues from the credit card company and return any local dues payments to you on a quarterly basis.
    • Tri-Level Dues Payments. If you accept an application for Tri-level LP Membership ($35), keep $10 for your local dues and send a check for $25 along with a photocopy of the membership application to the LPM. Do not send cash. If you receive a check written out to the Libertarian Party of Michigan for tri-level dues, send the check, along with the copy of the application and the LPM will return the local portion of dues on a quarterly basis.
    • Local Only Dues Payments. If this is a new member, please send their name and contact information to the LPM so we can invite the to join the state and national party.
Send all Membership Applications and Dues payments to the following address:

The Libertarian Party of Michigan
21835 Cherry Hill
Dearborn MI 48124-1149

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