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Membership Services for Affiliates

  1. Inquiries. Each week the National Libertarian Party sends information for each person who has contacted the party for information. The LPM sends those people an invitation to join the party, including their local affiliate. The LPM Membership Chair also sends a data file to the membership chair of each local affiliate.
  2. New Members. Again, each week the National Libertarian Party sends information for each person who has joined the unified national and state party membership. The LPM then sends a letter thanking them for joining the party and inviting them to also join their local affiliate. These names are also included in the data file sent to each affiliate's membership chair each week.
  3. Membership Applications. All membership applications used by the LPM, both in correspondence and printed in the state newsletter, have the option for joining local affiliate parties. Master copies of membership applications, including applications customized with the local party's name and address are available upon request from the Membership Chair
  4. Local Dues Collection. All local party membership dues collected by the LPM will be forwarded by the Membership Clerk to the local parties on a weekly basis. Additionally, the names and contact information for these paid local members will be sent to local parties on at least a monthly basis by the Membership Chair. This is done so local parties are made aware of their new members in a more timely manner, even though they may not receive the actual dues until the end of the quarter.
  5. Database Updates. Updates from the LPM database are available in many formats, with many different categories of information available, including members, expired members, inquiries, etc. Regular updates for information pertaining to your county(ies) can be arranged with the Database Receptionist.
  6. Address Labels and Lists. Mailing labels and lists are also available, contact the Database Receptionist, Emily Salvette.
LPM Membership Chair
Mark F. Heil
26450 Crocker Blvd., #1013
Harrison Twp. MI 48045-2496
(810) 468-0509

LPM Membership Clerk
Ben Bachrach
21835 Cherry Hill
Dearborn MI 48124-1149
(313) 563-1558 (evenings)
(313) 322-7096 (days)

LPM Database Clerk
Emily Salvette
2016 Devonshire Rd.
Ann Arbor MI 48104-4058

LPM Treasurer
Dave Nagy
P O Box 510046
Livonia, MI 48151
(800) 301-1917

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