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Membership Recruiting and Renewals

In September, 1996, the LPM joined the National Libertarian Party’s Unified Membership Plan. This enabled us to combine the membership rolls of both groups, making members of either party a member of both parties. This change increased the membership of the LPM to over 1000 strong.

This was done in part to make the renewal process more efficient and simpler. The National Party has a very high renewal rate and people will no longer have to remember which party they renewed with and which one they didn’t. From now on, all membership renewals at the state and national level will be handled by the national party.

Unfortunately, due to varying local dues structures across the country, the national party is unable to solicit and process dues for local parties. Therefore, local parties will have to handle their own membership renewals. The LPM will be happy to assist you in whatever way possible.

What the LPM is doing now:

  • All new members and inquiries are receiving letters asking them to join their local party.
  • All LPM membership applications allow for a "Tri-level membership" and for "County membership"
  • The state newsletters contains an application and a reminder to join your local party.
  • The names and contact information of all new inquiries and members and any database changes are sent to each affiliate by the LPM Membership Clerk. Other information is available by request.
What local parties can do:
Renewing memberships:
  • Keep track of your paid membership.
  • Print a membership application in your local newsletter.
  • Send renewal requests to members about two months before their membership is about to expire. This letter can be in the form of an insert in your newsletter mailing.
  • Send a second letter just before their membership is about to expire. ·
  • If they still do not renew, call them ask them to renew their membership and invite them to your next meeting or event.
Recruiting new members:
  • Use the names of new inquiries from the LPM to send a letter or call them asking them to join and/or attend your next meeting or event.
  • Have a sign up sheet at all meetings for peoples names and contact information. A few days after your meeting have someone write or call any new people on the sign up sheet to thank them for attending the meeting, answer any questions they may have and ask them to join the party.
  • Send each new inquiry in your county(ies) the next two issues of your newsletter. In each of these, insert letter printed on brightly colored paper asking them to join. Get mailing labels for these new names from the LPM Membership Clerk.
  • Hold an "Open House" meeting. This would be a meeting geared specifically for LP newcomers and people interested in learning more about the party.
    • You should find a speaker that can give a brief history of the party, explain the basic philosophic principles of libertarianism and answer questions about the party.
    • This meeting should be held in an easy to find location and probably at a different time than your regular monthly meeting since you want to get people to attend who may not be able to fit your regular meeting into their schedule. I would suggest a weekend afternoon.
    • Send invitations out a month in advance to all members and recent inquiries for your area. And follow up with phone calls the week before the meeting.

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