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Building a Long-term Strategy for Libertarian Victory

based on a workshop presentation by Steve Dasbach

at Success '97 (notes taken by Stacy Van Oast)
  1. Develop a mission: determine what it is you want to accomplish. For example, the national LP wants to affect public policy, build the party, and elect candidates.
  2. Develop strategy:
    • Determine how to accomplish the mission. For example, grow membership in order to build the party.
    • Identify supporting concepts:
      1. Professionalism
      2. Relentless outreach ("Operation Everywhere")
      3. Political action
      4. Relentless incrementalization (take small steps continuously)
      5. Discovery before persuasion - find people willing to buy, that already are Libertarians, and don't dwell on those that aren't interested.
  3. Set measurable goals, and put them in writing.
    • Goals must be realistic and achievable. For example:
      1. In the next X months we will increase our membership to Y.
      2. My campaign will generate X number of inquiries.
    • All fundraising and inquiry-generating projects must have preset measurable goals so that their success can be determined.
    • To set goals:
      1. Inventory your resources (how much money and how many volunteers do you have or can you get?)
      2. Determine the methods to achieve the goal
      3. Conduct a post-mortem to evaluate the goal and the methods used
      4. Record the knowledge gained

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