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Additional Sites of Interest

Advocates for Self-Government, a great resource for libertarian information and outreach materials

Are you a libertarian? Take this short, online political quiz to find out! Then check the results of everyone taking the quiz.

DebateUSA.com -site featuring candidates for federal level offices

Foundation for Economic Education -a nonprofit organization dedicated to promoting free markets, limited government, private property and the rule of law.

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Independent Gay Forum, a libertarian leaning forum on gay-related issues.

The Independent Institute

Institute for Health Freedom An honest source for information about policies that affect your freedom to choose your health care treatments and providers. Also an excellent source for information on genetic, health, and medical privacy.

Shop at Laissez Faire Books and a portion of your purchases will support the LPM!

Libertarians for Life

Libertarian Studies Organization - The Libertarian Studies Organization (LSO) is a college student organization devoted to the study of libertarianism as a political philosophy.

Libertarian Victory Fund - Our mission is to identify, train, and support quality Libertarian candidates running for winnable local offices.

LibertyPapers.com - online magazine

Military Mail / Friends of Our Troops- The "Military Mail" campaign is an outstanding project for individuals (of all ages), families, and groups (of all kinds), and is a unique and exciting way to share the ideas and ideals of Liberty with our young service men and women at more than 1,000 places across the U.S. and around the world.

National Debt Clock - see this demonstration of government largesse!

National Voter Registration Page

No Free Lunch sells Ayn Rand material and political comedian Tim Slagle videos among other things

Politics 1 - an award winning national politics web site with candidate directories for all states.

Project Vote Smart non-partisan voter education sorce with voting records and stated positions on issues of candidates in every state.

PRAyes.com - information about the Michigan Personal Responsibility Amendment Petition drive to legalize marijuana in Michigan.

Pro-Choice Libertarians

RockTheSystem.com - an educational and informational resource for all those interested in libertarianism and the Libertarian Party.

Third-parties.com , compiled news about all "third" parties.

TheVisaLawyer.com - Immigration services

VoteNet.com, a resource for national, state and local politics.

State Government

State of Michigan Home Page

Michigan Secretary of State Election Pages, This site contains downloadable forms to fill out to register to vote.

State of Michigan Constitution

Michigan Compiled Laws, a great searchable database for all Michigan Laws

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