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Op-Ed Columns 1997

Tim O'Brien, former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Michigan and noted libertarian author and lecturer, has offered this regular opinion column free to Michigan newspapers. The monthly column will present the libertarian position on issues of the day -- both state and national. See the press release on this subject.

ATTENTION EDITORS: Feel free to reprint the articles listed below, please inform the author, Tim O'Brien (at tobrien3211@home.com) when doing so, thank you.

December, 1997 - A Greeting for all Seasons
"Peace on earth and goodwill towards men." It is hard to imagine a more inspiring blessing or a loftier goal -- at any time of year. But, as with so many oft repeated words, the meaning of this holiday greeting has been lost in its sheer repetition, any attempt to actually realize it never even considered... [continue]

November, 1997 - Shall Issue
With more than 800,000 hunters stalking the Michigan woods this month we will be fielding a larger armed force than can be mustered by all but two nations on earth... [continue]

as published in the Detroit News

October, 1997 - Insuring Police
Damita Morton of Detroit was killed last month in a collision with a stolen car fleeing police... [continue]

as published in the Detroit News

September, 1997 - Highway Robbery in the Dead of Night
A group called Michigan Taxpayers United has filed suit to reverse the 30% increase in the state's gas tax enacted -- by 56 votes in the 110 member House -- at 4:30 in the morning on July 16 and, following the signature of Gov. John "Taxcutter" Engler, put into effect less than two weeks later... [continue]

as published in the Detroit Free Press

July, 1997- A Cure for the Common Politician?
Someone once observed that, when legislation is for sale, the first thing that will be bought and sold is legislators. It seems that everyone has finally come to realize that something needs to be done about it... [continue]

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