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Op-Ed Columns 1998

Tim O'Brien, former Executive Director of the Libertarian Party of Michigan and noted libertarian author and lecturer, has offered this regular opinion column free to Michigan newspapers. The monthly column will present the libertarian position on issues of the day -- both state and national. See the press release on this subject.

ATTENTION EDITORS: Feel free to reprint the articles listed below, please inform the author, Tim O'Brien (at tobrien3211@home.com) when doing so, thank you.

December, 1998 - A Conservative Divorce
I have long suspected that the marriage of convenience between religious-right and nanny-state conservatives must inevitably end in a messy divorce.... [continue]

as published in the Detroit Free Press

November, 1998 - SLAPPED by the Mayor
My mayor is suing me.

About a year ago I was approached by a fellow Allen Parker who had become sufficiently displeased with our mayor's exploits (an amusing collection of anecdotes too numerous to retell here) that he purposed to recall Hizzonor from office.... [continue]

October, 1998 - Would Three Parties Really Be A Crowd?
If you have always considered yourself either a Republican or a Democrat, take a moment and try this little thought experiment with me... [continue]

September, 1998 - Forced to Live with Colonel Cathcart
In a wonderful exchange that gave title to a wildly popular novel in the 60's, a World War II bombardier named Yossarian, looking to remove himself from harm's way and having learned that "crazy" fliers are grounded, is told by a Dr. Daneeka that this was in fact the case but that in order to qualify such a person must request that certification... [continue]

August, 1998 - Limitless Politicians
Following a journey across the nascent United States, French author, Alexis de Tocqueville, predicted in his seminal "Democracy in America" that our experiment in self-government would survive only until politicians discover that they can bribe the people with their own money... [continue]

July, 1998 - King Edward of Wayne
Wayne county voters should take a moment to appreciate the range of candidates on the August 4th primary ballot before exercising their franchise. In the overwhelming majority of county-wide races it is the last opportunity they will have this year to see the names of candidates who have not been pre-approved by County Executive, Ed McNamara... [continue]

as published in the Detroit News

June 15, 1998 - Brave New Diversity
The very tolerant townsfolk of Ypsilanti recently voted against repealing an anti-discrimination ordinance enacted by the city council last year. ...[continue]

June, 1998 - Down the Sewer
More than three years ago, I began voicing objections at my bi-monthly city council meetings to a Consent Decree entered into by my hometown of Allen Park... agreeing to spend nearly a quarter of a billion dollars to design and build a new storm drain system for the downriver area to comply with the order of federal Judge John Feikens...[continue]

May, 1998 - "None Of The Above" for Governor
Delegates to the Libertarian Party of Michigan nominating convention in East Lansing last month selected "None Of The Above" as the party's candidate for Governor... [continue]

as published in the Detroit News

March, 1998 - Airport Insecurity
A few weeks ago I found myself at the Tampa airport more than four hours ahead of the scheduled departure time for my return flight to Detroit. After checking my luggage through, I went in search of one of those temporary lockers to safely stow my two cumbersome carry-ons until boarding time...[continue]

February, 1998 - Drug War Casualties
Detroit police officers Walter Budzyn and Larry Nevers have something in common with Malice Green...[continue]

January, 1998 - The High Cost When Life is Priceless
More than 150 people in Michigan died last year while waiting for the organ transplant that might well have saved their lives...[continue]

as published in the Detroit News

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