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School Uniforms Lead to Communism

by J. C. Miller

Thirty years ago, a student by the name of Tinker was suspended from a Des Moines high school for wearing a black "peace" armband in protest of the Vietnam War. He sued, and the case went all the way to the supreme court. In Tinker vs. Des Moines, the Supreme Court ruled that clothing was a constitutionally protected form of free speech and that students do not shed their constitutional rights when they enter a school. Born from this was the concept that government schools can't regulate thought and expression. But in the age were sex depends on what your definition of "is" is, phrases like "congress shall pass no law" and "shall not be infringed" don't mean very much to lawmakers. Federal officials are quietly encouraging state legislatures to conspire against America's youth and implement mandatory school uniforms, all in the name of Columbine.

Sure, Brittany Spears wore a school uniform in her MTV video. Saying that she looked hot in that outfit is as big of an understatement as saying that Led Zeppelin sold a few records. I do not, however, think that most schools will allow sexy uniforms that aren't buttoned all the way. If they do require girls to wear skirts, isn't that sexism? Are we going to set America back fifty years because of a school shooting?

Honestly, lack of a dress code didn't cause Columbine. Mental illness, societies short comings, and persecution caused Columbine. One of the principal arguments in favor of school uniforms claims that all the persecution in schools comes from the differences between students which is highlighted because some kids wear designer clothes and others wear cheap clothes. Once again, that didn't cause Columbine. Both of the killers came from wealthy families. But let's take a look at the idea that the differences between students causes strife and eventually violence.

Kids are very different--some are white, some are black, some are poor, some are rich, some are Democrats, some are smart. Kids dress differently, too. Sometimes they even try to impress each other. Uniforms would, supposedly, prevent the divisiveness that expensive clothes bring about. Janice Rocque, a government teacher from Hudsonville High School, says that "school is for education, not to impress everyone with your $200 Air Jordan shoes."

The much hyped "trench coat Mafia" wore gothic clothes. Was it the fact that they wore these clothes that made their peers reject them, or did they wear these clothes because they were rejected? The fascists that support uniforms don't really care. My State Senator, William Van Regenmorter, is one of them. He claims that because students are different they hate each other and the government needs to make them un-different.

Supposedly, uniforms will make everyone look alike, and that's a good start. What?! This is America! We're supposed to be a melting pot. This the country where we tolerate someone who looks different, acts different, and thinks different. Intolerant politicians who can't leave us alone think they can make us students exactly alike. Well, they can't. Uniforms don't prevent violence - for every study that says they do, one says they have no impact. Uniforms are a fascist idea that breads fascism - Slobodan Milosevich had to wear a suit and tie to school when he was a kid.

Public school administrators hate the sad truth - private schools do better. Instead of addressing the problems and waste in their system, Janice Rocque says "the public system thinks it can copy [the school uniform policies] and make a huge difference." The fact that private schools use uniforms is incidental. By ignoring the truth, the public schools doom themselves to failure. But the real question is, what's gonna happen when uniforms fail?

The thing about government programs that don't work is that they inherently create more programs in order to make them work. Brittany Spears looks hot in a uniform, some girls won't. This will cause some girls to be jealous of others, what is a government to do? Get more involved! The classic science fiction work Harrison Burgeron tells of a future in which the government puts masks on pretty girls so they aren't prettier than the average girl and makes strong men carry weights so their no stronger than the average man. It's the only way the government can make people look alike.

What about thinking alike? The Columbine shooters were Nazis (a specific type of fascist), they obviously didn't think like most people. So now the government needs to program everyone to think alike. Maybe they should control all churches so that everyone believes the same stuff too.

This may sound way out there, but it's all a part of the logical progression to make people identical. Rather than surrendering to tyranny, we can prevent violence by tolerating people. Uniforms, and all the fascist rhetoric that comes along with it, are intolerant. It sickens me that a DH writer could write an article about uniforms without a call to arms. The mere mention of the word "uniform" should send students into the streets with picket signs, but it doesn't. Bad things, like losing freedom, come in small steps. High school student Scott Gordon put it simply when he said, "School uniforms are a bunch of crap." If we let them regulate our free expression, what's next? One day you could wake up as just another brick in the wall.

"Those that would give up essential liberty for a little safety deserve neither liberty nor safety." Benjamin Franklin.

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