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"Letter for liberty", sent to Sen. Joe Young originally.

by Gregory L.Scotland

Gregory L.Scotland
357 Eastlawn
Detroit, MI. 48215
July 30, 1998

Dear Mr.Young:

I am sending you this letter, because I am a very concern individual over the attempt by the Federal Government to establish a National I.D. Card. Starting October 1, 2000, all of the states within the union, are to adhere to a set of requirements put forth by the Department of Transportation. These rules and regulations are part of the Immigration Reform Act of 1996,and fall under section 656(b), which is entitled State-Issued Driver's Licenses and Comparable Identification Documents; Docket No.NHTSA-98-3945; RIN 2127-AG-91.You can obtain a copy of the basic outline from the Federal Register@www.access.gpo.gov; dated June 17,1998.

As an elected official of Michigan, I am sure that you would be very concern over any attempt by the National Government to circumvent our system of Federalism. These requirements would essentially bound up the states and their citizens into a bureaucratic quagmire. It could easily impose economic hardship on legitimate Americans, in the fact that the freedom of movement will surely be curtailed. The States will definitely become hostage to Washington, because the threat of withholding funds will be dangled overhead(of course it is the taxpayer's money anyway). The key point of contention, is the affect on the Bill Of Rights, particularly the impact on the 9th and 10th Amendments.

I am sure that you do not want to become a "rubber stamp official" for the Federal Government. I have already contacted my congressmen and Governor Engler, and I have let them know of my displeasure with this Act. I hope that will let them know of your concern, as well as letting Washington hear from you. Inform all concern parties that some of the residents of Michigan do not agree with the notion of a National I.D.Card.


Gregory L.Scotland

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